Crystal (perfctleimprfct) wrote in girlkiss,

Hi. I'm Crystal and I live in Ma, but I'm from RI(yeah i know.. real far :op ) I'm currently engaged to the best girl ever, we're getting married in 2006 and I guess living in MA really helps. Alot of people are bisexual or say they are now so I guess it's sort of odd to feel shy talking about it.. i love my girlfriend and I want everybody in the whole world to know it.. but I'm a singer and recording my debut CD, I'm being told that basically marrying Angel is going to make me nothing. But I know its going to make me everything. If my singing works out I will NEVER hide her. I dont care what it costs. It isnt fair though, I don't understand how it affect anyone else who people marry.. but idk. I know its ridiculous to care, but.. idk. Anyway this is probly a sucky as hell introduction so i guess im just going to add a picture of me and then end it..



Yes, I'm crazy. I got this sheriff shirt from an auction i work at, i gave one to my friend Andrea and people look at us like we're insane. it actually says "middlesex sheriff's office" i love it.

I think I was upside down in this picture..... well leaning over something and it was taken upside down... apparently it didnt make me any better looking.



uh huh well thats about it... idk where Angel's pictures went but ill post them when i find them.


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