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New to the community!

Name: Amanda
Age: 23
Status: Single
Sexuality: Lesbian
Height: 5'6
Weight: 102 lbs
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green
Location: Indiana
Favorite Band: The Smiths
AIM/AOL: Girlbeatnick, Grlbeatnick
Hobbies: Oil painting, watercolor, writing poetry, reading books, political talk radio, travel, graphic and web design, music, philosophy, art, psychology, martial arts, ethnic food, asian culture, history, foreign studies, zen buddhism, anime, cartoons, existentialism, expressionism, free thinking, nature, animals, vegetarianism, movies, acting, shakespeare, etc.
Music: Industrial, goth, punk, hardcore, breakcore, new wave, synthpop, triphop, goa, drum and base, happy hardcore, house, tribal, darkwave, ambient, jazz, classical, musicals, opera, japanese metal, etc.

( New pictures of me... )
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