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Hey there.. the name's Samantha and i'm from Connecticut. I'm seventeen but way too "old" for my age and i am bisexual. No one knows, although some may suspect..i'm very confused of if i even like guys at all. I am in need of friends struggling with their sexuality, and i'm pretty sure i've come to the right place. I'm kind of a girly-girl but definitely not very materialistic. I'm looking for someone sexy that is also capable of holding an intelligent conversation as well. I'm 5'3" (yeah i know short) and about 125 pounds but atleast 10 of it is in the chest lol I'm definitely into Indie / accoustic music. I'm very friendly and open-minded as well ! Oh yeah and i'm an actress for musical theater, and my dream is to be on Broadway some day. And I am obsessed with RENT. ♥

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Me smiling, kinda old

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I look so young here it makes me angry lol

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me attempting to be sexy

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serious look lol

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again trying to be sexy

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big smileee, old

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You're beautiful!

I like indie/acoustic music too... my favourite, actually.

Check out:
Stars, The Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens, Bright Eyes, Imogen Heap

There, you might like at least one of those bands ;)

You're very very gorgeous...
I'm 5'8, muscular, boyish looking, and I love the L Word. [TV show]
I just made a post with pictures of me in it...

I'll be your friend!
I've been through your exact situation, so I can help all you want.
I was really confused at first if a) I really did like girls. That conclusion wasn't too hard to arrive at. I do. Lots and lots.
The following year, while with a wonderful boyfriend, I wondered if I was into guys AT ALL. I wondered this because I knew that I should be in love with my boyfriend, as he was everything I had ever asked for--- but I just couldn't love him or be attracted to him. I just dreamed about this girl that I wanted to be with more than anything...
I broke up with my boyfriend after trying extremely hard to love and care for him for months... but I just couldn't do it. It was torturous. I got my girl, and now we're very very happy together.

:D email adress:

I'll be glad to help with anything you need :)

Thanks for sharing your story.
ihate being confused with my sexuality. :\