Tara (tuttlestein) wrote in girlkiss,

so i got a new haircut. its the shortest its ever been. just wondering what girls/women think of it. thanks.

this is sort of the tame look with a little wax in it.

pretty much the same. i was on my out so i had on my coat and i was smiling.

no product or anything just a little wild.

out of the shower

just me at home

black and white

me and my "friend" snuggling

ok, so no hair, just eyes.
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i dont find really short hair attractive. makes girls look like boys with tits and a pretty smile. :\
thanks for your input.

I was just browsing LJ communities and I noticed your post and wanted to let you know that I think you look absolutely adorable with your short spiky hair. You've got a great smile, too. ;-)
thank you ....
Well, ime not a girl or a wumn, basic:ly a dyke with a dick (per:happs ie should set up a communityh dykes_wi_dicks yeah thatt's catchy). Right tHen, the haire: it lookketh really Lezzy , and tHere:fore entire:ly appropriate. What duzz the "friend" thynk of it?
Middle Englishshe for ever!